solo show directing and character coaching

Are you working to develop a character repertoire for auditions and showcases, or to put on tape for a character reel? Maybe you have an amazing idea for a solo show and seek guidance in developing it. 

Whether you have an existing repertoire that just needs polish, or seek help developing ideas and pitches into fully realized character pieces, I can help you ground the reality of your characters through their needs and desires, while playfully finding what makes your characters fun to perform, and funny for the audience to watch.

For solo shows, I can offer directing at any stage of development,  from guiding the writing process by offering notes and critique, to staging and developing a more fully realized piece and helping bring your show to festivals and venues in New York City and beyond.


I have developed and performed three solo shows of my own, Leticia's First Birthday Party; How Did I Get in Here? The Beverly Blondell Story; and Good Morning, Zitounia! In 2013, I premiered Beverly Blondell at the SOLOCOM Festival in New York, and following a successful run at The People's Improv Theater, I brought the show to the NY Fringe Festival. Good Morning, Zitounia! premiered at the SOLOCOM Festival in 2015, and returns this year as a part of the Encores Series, and will run each weekend in December at The People's Improv Theater. I regularly perform characters at venues around the city, and I am the producer of The PIT Character Showcase Hour, a monthly industry showcase featuring a rotating cast of some of the PIT's best and busiest character comedians. I am currently directing the solo show ANIMAL by Josh Krebs for the SOLOCOM Festival of solo comedic theater in New York City, and the solo film Besties by Amanda Prasow.

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"The best part about working with Leila is that she knows the position of being a writer and performer of your own work. She is supportive and collaborative and will push you to make your work the best that it can be. She directs with grace and enthusiasm. It's hard to not get overly excited when talking about ideas with her. I wish I could hire her for everything. I plan on letting her help me write my speech for my Lifetime Achievement Award in 30 years.  " -Josh K. Writer/Performer

"After having seen many of Leila's character and/or solo shows, I knew with confidence that asking her to coach my solo act would the absolute right decision. I was correct. I honestly went into our session with not much other than an idea and from that she created a framework that made sense and gave me clear artistic direction. Not only does Leila bring experience and expertise to the table, she also brings a genuine care and investment in who you are as a performer - and that, to me, is priceless. " -Ren Peir, Writer/Performer/Impressionist

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